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Hydroponics Retailers (Nutrients) 12 May, 2008

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This category has two main sections – the manufacturers and the retailers.  Some manufacturers retail, some retailers manufacture, and it can get a bit confusing.  So for the purposes of this encyclopedia we’ll call the “big boys” manufacturers and everyone else retailers.  In other words, if you’re international and/or produce nutrients as your exclusive product, you qualify as a hydroponics nutrient manufacturer.  If you’re based solely in one area and you sell systems along with your own line of nutrients, you’re categorized as a retailer.

Additionally, fertilizers developed primarily for soil which are errantly used in hydroponics won’t be listed.  Sorry, Miracle Gro.  You don’t have a hydroponics product.

Nutrient Manufacturers:

Advanced Nutrients

Dutch Master


(most products designed primarily for soil, but have decent hydroponics usability.)

General Hydroponics

Spray-N-Grow Hydroponics

Technaflora Plant Products

Nutrient Retailers:

coming soon

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