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Hydroponics Retailers (Hardware) 12 May, 2008

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ACF Greenhouses

Aquaculture Hydroponics – UK

(also has a blog in the blog section)

Backyard Aquaponics

Ecogrow Hydroponic Supplies

Great Stuff Hydroponics – UK

(also has a blog in the blog section)

High Tech Garden Supply

Simply Hydroponics and Organics


(sells seeds and sprout growing systems. Maybe not hydroponics by the strictest definition, but close enough.)

Stealth Hydroponics > Bubbleponics™ Systems

(Home of the “Bubbleponics” ™ system)

Sunlight Sheds Hydroponics Systems

(I wish these guys had better pictures of their products, they look interesting.)

– = Under Construction = –

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