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Hydroponics Blogs 12 May, 2008

If there’s a blog all about hydroponics, hydroponics and soil growing, hydroponics and accordion juggling, or just kind of sort of about hydroponics or plants in general, it probably is either here or ought to be. Don’t see a blog here that you think should be? Let me know, even if it’s your own blog.

– = Under Construction = –

Advanced Nutrients Blog

(I remember seeing it somewhere, but I forgot to bookmark it… I’ll add the link when I find it again or when someone points it out to me.)

Aquaculture’s Hydroponic Greenhouse

(also in the retailer section, hardware.)

Avocado99’s Weblog

Cosmic Egg

Diagnosing Plant Diseases

(also in the Hydroponics Problems section)


(Nice backyard aquaponics.)

FoxFarm Blog

(nutrients retailer)

gabriola garden

Great Stuff Hydroponics

(also in the retailer section, hardware.)

Growin’ Crazy

Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic Gardening Grows Healthy, Fresh Vegetables

hydroponic lettuce

Hydroponic Workshop

Indoor Hydroponic Blueberry Tree


Medpot Minstrel

My simple home garden › Beer, Hydroponics, and Food.

(mostly DIY green solutions, but some hydroponics – what’s greener than plants?)

Non-Hydroponic Blogs

(Good stuff, just dirt-related.)

Ann Arbor Project Grow

Compost Guy | Turning Wastes Into Resources

Concentrates, Inc.

The Essential Herbal Blog


King Gardener

Maple Rock

Red Worm Composting

Typing on the Void

– = Under Construction = –

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