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Hydroponics Basics 12 May, 2008

Okay, this section will probably always be the smallest. Why? Because there’s only so much “basics”. The idea here is to collect a few of the most useful “hydroponics in a nutshell” type of links and that’s about it. Anything more complicated an in-depth belongs somewhere else.

If you’re looking for the “what is hydroponics” kind of information, this is the place.


This is most people’s first-stop along the road. You’ve probably been there already, if not, take a moment and check it out. Certainly not the end-all, be-all of hydroponics definitions but it’s accurate enough to get a nice overview.

What is Hydroponics –

Shorter, simpler outline of hydroponics.

What is Hydroponics –

Another basic definition.

What is Hydroponics? – YouTube video

Not the best video for an all-over look, but it does illustrate very nicely the key difference between soil and hydroponics and the reasoning behind it.

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