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Coolest. Post. Ever. 20 July, 2008

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At least as far as I’m concerned.

Okay, so in my last post I showcased some modifications I’d made to my worm bin to keep my new Euros more calm and serene (and on the task of munching garbage into castings). I mentioned that I had followed the design laid out by Bentley, a guy I’ve gotten to know a bit by bugging him with (long-winded) emails full of questions about worms. I linked to one of his blogs (Red Worm Composting, which I’ll link here in a bit) and said some nice stuff about him, every word of it true. (He also writes the Compost Guy site which you should immediately bookmark, read, and love – just as soon as you’ve finished reading my post here.)

I sent him a link to my last post hoping he’d like it and maybe mention it in his blog – some nice little “Oh and by the way, if you have some trouble with rowdy European Nightcrawlers, check out how this guy dealt with them” blurb and that’d be it. But no, Bentley is far too cool a guy to do that. Instead, he wrote a post that is quite possibly one of the more flattering things anyone has ever done for me since my wife agreed to marry me.

“MacGyver of the Worms”. Me. How friggin’ cool is that?

Undoubtedly there are those among you who, like my wife, fail to see the pure unmitigated awesome that is Angus MacGyver. This is okay. You can tell yourself I’m a gargantuan nerd to idolize a fictional character who uses ingenuity to solve problems using nothing more than his brilliance and a few ordinary items at hand. You wouldn’t be the first, and I’m sure you won’t be the last.

You’d be wrong, but that’s okay, I still like you. Even when you laugh at me for owning all 7 seasons of MacGyver on DVD, I’ll still smile and know that it’s just because you don’t understand, and that it’s okay for not everyone to understand.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not just some nutty fan. I can’t rattle off episode names and numbers or tell you all the various contraptions he built using a gum wrapper and some duct tape. I’m just a huge slobbery fan of the spirit behind the show – that of using what’s at hand rather than throwing something away and replacing it with something new. I’ve always had a hunger to know how and why things work (or don’t work) and every time something around me broke the first question I asked as a kid was “can I have it?” I disassembled a toaster before I mastered indoor plumbing.

So yeah, I kind of am MacGyver. I’d almost always rather build something myself than buy it off the shelf, especially if I can build it cheaper but often even when it would cost more to DIY. My favorite phases are “I built that” and “I fixed that”. I drive a early 80’s Honda and I’ve never called AAA. My first car had a functional smoke screen. The laptop I bought a couple months ago for work was the first computer I owned since my Commodore 64 that I didn’t build myself.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t put me on cloud nine each and every time someone makes the comparison.

So Bentley, thank you. That was probably the coolest thing you could’ve done in my book. You rock.

Oh, and everyone stay tuned. I’m going to show off some of the other MacGyver’ed stuff I’ve done recently.

Want to grow a hydroponic tomato plant using nothing but a couple leftover odds-and-ends that most people would probably throw away? I did. I’ll show you how shortly.