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Best Customer Support Ever 15 August, 2008

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I know, my comments about Foosh Energy Mints, Buzz Bites Energy Chews, and their maker Vroom Foods tends to border at near rabid-fanboi levels. As such my opinions might be seen to be suspect. But I have proof!

I recently posted about how Buzz Bites had played a positive role in my recovery from all the dental work I’ve been having done. I’ve also mentioned in passing that Sarah Person is the unbelievably awesome… well… person that I’ve been dealing with at Vroom Foods. (I’m guessing she’s a customer service representative of some kind, but she doesn’t sign her emails with a lot of title mumbo-jumbo so I don’t know for sure.)

What I didn’t say (because I didn’t know) is that she actually reads my blog! Imagine my surprise and glee when I get the mail today and discover a big padded envelope from Vroom Foods containing one tin each of the chocolate and mint chocolate Buzz Bites, a sticker accurately proclaiming “I Love Buzz Bites”, and the post-it note I scanned and linked at the right.

Seriously, how cool is that? When was the last time you saw any company exhibit that kind of simple kindness and humanity? Heck, simply not being cold and inhuman is a rarity anymore.

Sarah, you made my whole day with that. Thank you.

And I think that ought to put to rest any doubts when I say that Sarah Person and Vroom Foods are nothing short of awesome.

As for the mints and chews, I can only say you’ve got to try them for yourselves. They really are a top-notch product in a sea of energy foods that are all too often sadly lacking in taste, potency, or both. Vroom Foods’ attitude that “nothing is too good for the consumer” really shows in both the quality of their products and the quality of their service.


Foosh Mints Review 24 July, 2008

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Borrowing a page from both Red-Icculus and Max’s Weblog, I decided to do a little review of one of my favorite caffeine sources.  I’m also planning to see if I can’t get my greedly little caffeinated hands on the Buzz Bites they reviewed, but I haven’t gotten around to tracking down the email address of the super-cool person I dealt with at Vroom Foods a few weeks back to send a begging email.

Besides, I figure this review will shamelessly serve my goals of getting them to send me some complimentary Buzz Bites to review as well.  (Right Sarah?  Please?)

Anyway, rather than go around looking for any of the specific marketing imagry for Foosh, I just picked up one of the (many) tins I have about and took a couple quick snaps.  I like the tins a lot because they’re a bit smaller than the more typical Penguin Mint or Altoids tins.  Those bigger tins do have some good uses (I built a cool little carrying case for my wife’s Zen out of one) but for most things I find the smaller tins to be more versatile.

One of my favorite uses is to line them with some paper towel, lay down a few seeds, and spray with water until it’s nice and damp.  Close up and in short order you’ll have germinated seeds.

Anyway, the important thing is that these mints kick ass.  Like the tin so proudly proclaims, one mint equals one cup of coffee, or 100mg of caffeine.  This isn’t just a bit more than the closest competitor, it’s a huge leap ahead.  No one else even comes close.  And of course you’ve also got B vitamins, ginseng, and taurine to enhance and stabilize the energy boost.

When I first purchased these mints (found them on, btw) I was a bit skeptical, but ultimately decided to get some solely because of the amount of caffeine they had.  I figured even if the mints didn’t taste good, they’d have enough kick to be worth it.

Another concern I had was the quantities – 12 per tin.  Up till then I’d just had Penguin mints, which come in much larger numbers.

After I had the first Foosh all my doubts were gone.  They’ve got a good minty taste all the way through and they have a strong without being overpowering energy boost to them.  Keep in mind I’m a pretty hard-core caffeine fiend (I frequently drink a pot of coffee and a liter of Dr. Pepper in a day).  So when I say it’s got the juice, it’s got the juice.

Both Max and Matt (linked above) mentioned the taste of Taurine being present in the Buzz Bites.  Personally, I don’t know what Taurine tastes like, so I’m not entirely sure what part of the overall flavor that might be.  Whatever the case, I don’t find anything unpleasant in the taste of Foosh mints.

I’ve been eating them for a couple years now, and I’ve even got a good story to tell about the last time I ordered them.  See, this time I decided to go straight to the source and get them from Vroom Foods themselves (makers of Foosh and Buzz Bites).  I bought 5 tins and they arrived quickly with only one strange problem:  one of the tins had 5 mints in it instead of 12.

Now when a mint is as kick ass as Vroom mints are, you don’t simply let seven of them go without a word.  So I fired off an email to Vroom letting them know what had happened, making it clear that I wasn’t mad or cranky or anything.  I get an answer back quickly, letting me know that of course they’ll be sending out replacement mints as fast as they can.

Within a few days I get another delivery, a brand-new 12 mint tin and a 6 mint bubble-pack.  Practically a whole tin worth of mints free for my trouble!

So there you have it.  They make the strongest energy mint on the market, it’s tasty, and they have excellent customer service.

Need I say more?