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The Name’s Bond, James Bond 29 July, 2008

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Okay, well I’ve gotten tired of my name as you may have noticed.

When I first created this WordPress blog my intention was not so much to make a blog, but rather to create as comprehensive listing of information related to hydroponics as I possibly could.  However, I quickly found that the blogging was far more fun.  I still intend to work on the Encyclopedia, but that’s more like work so it just doesn’t make me want to log in nearly as much as showing off my latest project does.

This only matters because, as I said, I didn’t intend to actually blog much so the name I gave myself didn’t really matter that much.  So I simply adopted the same name as the blog itself, since I wasn’t in a particularly creative mood at the time.  That wouldn’t be so bad except that the name “Hydroponica” has a decidedly feminine ring to it.  Which isn’t to say I have anything against challenging gender preconceptions or anything, it’s just not a name I’d pick for myself.  An encyclopedia, sure.  Me, not so much.

And “Encyclopedia” is just a bit weird and pretentious, so I can’t really go with that either.

So I’ve decided to go with my initials, E.H., which as Bentley the Compost Guy pointed out when I was spitballing the idea with him, also happens to be the initials of our mutual friends the European Nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis).  Thus, the “cool factor” is improved.  Granted, it’s also the letters used to create a decidedly inarticulate word, “eh”, but we can’t win them all, can we?

I also briefly considered Bentley’s title, “MacGyver of the Worms”, but I’m actually more of a hydroponics guy first, worm guy second, and besides, I can always use that as an honorific.

So that’s the point of this post – to inform you the (what, 3?) people that read my blog that I’ve edited my profile so that “Hydroponica” has become “E.H.”  Same guy, more masculine name.


“MacGyver of the Worms”

PS.  Speaking of MacGyver, I recently had the opportunity to test my “Spider Catcher” MacGyver gadget.  No pictures because it’s ridiculously simple, but it works perfectly.  Take a strip of duct tape, loop it sticky-side out, and then stick it to one end of a long dowel rod or similar “stick-like” tool.  Then, next time you see an errant spider where it ought not be, you simply pin it using the sticky tape.  Fold the remaining tape over the spider to ensure eternal entombment, and discard the tape/spider.  Replace tape and the “Spider Catcher” is ready for action again!

PPS.  Spiders aren’t bad.  I only execute those spiders that criminally trespass in a manner which alarms my wife (a Class-A felony in my home, punishable by death).