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Disclaimer 12 May, 2008

I’m not going to write this out in legaleze or anything annoying and convoluted.

This Encyclopedia is not dedicated to, centered around, or in any way involved with marijuana.

Yes, there is a significant amount of information here that makes reference to marijuana. There’s one simple reason for that – a lot of the information available was written by people who grew/grow pot. I don’t know who those people are, and I don’t care to know. I’m not prejudiced for or against marijuana – this encyclopedia strives simply to present the largest amount of useful information possible.

Marijuana is just a plant. With only the variation natural from species to species, what grows one plant grows another. Some need more light, some need more nutrients, some like heat, some like cold… you get the point. But the principles of growing one plant translate to pretty much every other plant, and that is why no plants are excluded from this encyclopedia.

What you grow is your business, and this Encyclopedia provides this information for educational purposes and legal use only. What you do with it from there is entirely up to you.

With that said…

Anything which has no merit outside marijuana cultivation will be excluded whenever possible. So don’t bother sending links to your favorite place to buy pot seeds. If they don’t sell legal items they won’t be linked here. Moreover, I don’t want to know anything anyone does illegally.

If you “must” undertake criminal activities, at least be smart. Don’t tell anyone. Especially me, m’kay?