The Encyclopedia Hydroponica

Your Hydroponics Compendium

About 5 May, 2008

You know how it is; the early days of what could either be the next fad-hobby or all consuming hobby. You probably started out at Wikipedia, then performed a few dozen (or hundred) searches on every combination of keywords you could find. You devoured forum archives. Basically you did everything short of drilling a hole in your skull, sticking an automotive funnel in it, and pouring the internet directly into your cerebral cortex.

And I’m betting there’s a couple guilty-looking people out there insisting, “well yeah, I’d never actually try that”.

Well not too long ago that’s where I was. I had “discovered” hydroponics and was absorbing data faster than I could keep track of the sources. Hell, I had to create a whole new Foxmarks identity just to keep things vaguely organized. Ultimately it didn’t work. I’ve got a fraction of the bookmarks I wish I’d saved.

And that, essentially, is what this blog/website/encyclopedia/compendium thing is about. First and foremost, to organize my hydroponics sources for myself. But it didn’t take me long to realize that I probably was not the only person who’d be interested in having this kind of resource in a nice centralized and logically organized place. Now a new thing is born, the Encyclopedia Hydroponica, not only for myself but for everyone else.

Hope ya like it!