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If a Butterfly Flaps it’s Wings Online… 21 August, 2009

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I had a nice visitor in my garden today, but the story of how I was there to greet her is a bit of a long one so get a drink or something if you want to hear it.

Still there? Good. So I don’t need to say that I haven’t been around here much though I must point out the sneakiness of saying it by saying you don’t need to. Look out Machiavelli! Anyway, I’m going to go with the “I’ve been really busy” excuse. It’s old, but a classic, and in this case applicable enough to not be completely useless. Even though I know that studies show that most people with office jobs are woefully inefficient with their time I can’t seem to mentally reset my work timer whenever my mind wanders for a moment so what ought to be an 8 hour day (and one easily more productive than the average office day since I’ve got no chatty cube-mate or office gossip to distract me) usually turns into 10 or 12 because I never feel I’ve done “enough”.

If I’m done for the day there’s usually more than enough other things to keep me busy, standard housecleaning, gardening, and the new pet project of building a table. Nothing fancy, I’m not a carpenter, but I do know my way around a variety of saws and other power tools so it’ll be good. I’ll probably put up some pictures of it when it’s done. Our small apartment really doesn’t have a good place for a table so I’m making a custom piece to fit the available space – 2 feet by 6 feet and 39″ tall so we can use bar stools that fit nicely underneath when not in use. So really more of a free-standing breakfast bar than table.

That whole project is going a little slow since something about the vibrations of power tools likes to aggravate my dormant RSI, which makes working dicey so I have to be careful not to “hobby” myself out of gainful employment. I’ve been touting the whole thing with the wife as a sort of project we can “do together” but I’m not exactly Tom Sawyer when it comes to getting that fence whitewashed.

But recently the biggest time-waster keeping me from posting has to be Facebook. What a seething maw of hell that is.

I hate Facebook, Myspace, all those “social networking” sites. Always have, most likely always will. Mostly because there proportion of computer using idiot to computer using human swings daily further in favor of the people easily outwitted by potted plants. Social networking sites function largely to reinforce the self-image of the people who qualify for the title “dangerously stupid”, making them believe they’re actually capable of making good decisions more frequently than random chance would dictate. Furthermore, it gives them a public forum in which to radically multiply the odds and repercussions of their stupidity. “ZOMG! Can you believe my employer looked at my Myspace and saw that last weekend when I told them I couldn’t come in because my grandma died I was actually getting so drunk in TJ I volunteered for the donkey show?!?! That’s like totally infringing on my freedom of speech and stuff!”

The first amendment protects you from the government infringing with your freedom to say things it doesn’t agree with. Zero amendments protect you from your boss firing you because you publicize your less than stellar decision-making abilities.

Of course none of this applies to you, dear readers. We all know the group of which I speak took one look at this blog and said “wow, that’s a lot of words” and moved on to something with more pictures of Paris Hilton (including Paris Hilton, if she somehow wandered to this page looking for something idiotic and vapid).

So why would I be wasting time on Facebook if I’m inclined to segue into such a long and condescending rant about it? FarmVille. I’m ashamed to admit I’m avidly playing it. I’ve got a nice field 16×16 with Tomatoes right now.

For the elite few of you who haven’t gotten lost in all the twists and turns of my train of thought, you’re probably wondering how all this has anything to do with me meeting a butterfly. Well FarmVille crapped out on most of the players earlier today, leaving (by my estimate) a few million people wondering if they were going to lose their crops because they couldn’t login. (Many undoubtedly did, I was lucky and didn’t.) But on the upside, I decided that before my frustration reached the “cussing and blaming the cat” stage I’d just walk away from the computer and do a little 3D farming of my own. While I was out and checking the progress of my butternut squash I noticed this beautiful Eastern tiger swallowtail (dark form female).  I dashed inside, grabbed the camera, and took a few pictures for all of you.  The white flowers she’s snacking on are Pentas, which are some of my wife’s favorites.  They’re hard to see in the picture because they’re so stunningly white that any light makes the camera want to bleach them out.

So the Rube Goldberg machine of fate brings you a new post on this blog by way of driving me off Facebook and into the garden at just the right time to receive a beautiful visiting butterfly.


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  1. Hi there,
    Great post, I just stumbled upon it and I am already a fan.

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