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You Know You’re a Gardener When… 13 June, 2009

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I thought of a few things that fit this when I was weeding the other day but the best of them are:

1. You try to get your work at your “real job” done early so you can get more weeding done.

2. Your retired neighbor who also loves gardening asks if you could perhaps weed her garden (because you’re better at it).

Of course I did say yes to her. Good neighbors are hard to find and she just finished a round of chemo a few weeks back so I’m happy to help out. I’m sure there’s more ways to know you’re a gardener, but I’m not quite an authority on it myself. There is one other one I’ll share with you – You know you’re a gardener when you weigh the pros and cons of not treating an infection because the antibiotics come with severe sun sensitivity.

Things have been hectic around here (or as I call it “business as usual”). Between work, wife and garden (not necessarily in that order) I haven’t had a lot of time to write here. I’d have some nice pictures of the garden but I’m spending every minute I can in sunlight just trying to keep up with the weeds. I’ve got some older pictures but they just don’t do it justice. For one I’ve added a bunch of plants since then and they’ve all grown by leaps and bounds. Well except for the ones that decided to die on me. Jerks.

I’ve been doing decently well with the weeds, trying to make use of the “magic time” when the building casts a shadow over the garden but it’s still bright enough out to tell foliar friend from foliar foe. I considered one of those helmet lights like you see miners and sewer workers wear, but I ultimately decided that this would be a silly investment since the antibiotics run out in a few days, and not even weeds can make me dress like that kind of weirdo.

I’ve got some tomatoes forming so I should see some red ones in a few weeks – really looking forward to that. And the swiss chard I started as a “might as well, I’m sure I can squeeze them in somewhere” afterthought are getting pretty big. We’re going to have to start eating them soon or they’ll take over. The zucchini and butternut squash are doing well, and I’ve seen the first flowers from them already. My potato bin is full of dirt and the plants are massive, onions all over the place are doing nicely and my garlic looks more like some kind of short corn. All in all I’m reasonably happy for a first season garden that I (once again) didn’t plan out very carefully.

Once I’m confident I won’t burst into flames with more than a half hour of sunlight I’ll drag the camera out and get everyone some nice pictures of everything.