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Gardening Update 12 March, 2009

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For those familiar with my posts a warning of impending rambling is unnecessary. For those unfamiliar, you’ve been warned.

There is a method to my madness, I assure you, which I’m tempted to explain but you either see it or you don’t and the explanation would be redundant or annoying, respectively. I mean if you see my writing style as random rambling it’d just be more of the same if I explained why I ramble, right?

It’s interesting sometimes how things that are merely annoying can shape events in our lives. I used to work and blog exclusively on my laptop. This was great because of the flexibility and portability it gave, but also annoying because I didn’t want to devote an entire desk “area” to a computer that was frankly a bit underpowered compared to my desktop PC. So the ergonomics of working from home were less than ideal. Then I got an even better desktop with a gorgeous wide flatscreen monitor roughly the size of… well… it’s big. The point is, this thing is built to game on but the allure of all that acreage for working was just too much. So I plugged the laptop into it for a little while.

And of course then I was hooked. Being able to lay out things side-by-side at the same resolution I was working before just made things so much simpler that I could hardly stand to work without the new monitor. But part of my work involves a certain disposability that I don’t want to introduce to my personal computer. (I have to be able to completely wipe the work PC to eradicate hostile software and/or protect sensitive data.) And I couldn’t simply keep working with the laptop plugged into the personal PC’s monitor because the analog output of the laptop meant the screen flickered whenever the charger was plugged in, and there was the extra hassle of an extra keyboard and mouse on the desk.

So I decided to go a step further and got a little external hard drive and built a Virtual Machine on it. I transfered all my work onto that and now my work PC literally fits into my back pocket. I can plug it into my desktop PC and work at home with all the power and sexiness of the big screen or plug it into the laptop and work on the go. And it can be very easily reset to a previous version if infected or deleted outright when a project is completed and ensure client confidentiality.

About now (if not earlier) people are wondering “what’s this got to do with a Gardening Update, as this entry is titled?”

Well you see my laptop has a card reader built into it and my desktop PC does not. And the USB cable for my camera has been MIA for months because I never used it since I had a card reader on the laptop. I’m sure it’s not actually lost, it’s most certainly buried at the bottom of a couple hundred pounds of “valuable computer parts” (or “computer crap” as the wife calls it) in a trunk I’m allowed to keep that stuff in. (Whatever I can’t fit in that trunk I’m not allowed to keep.)

For some annoying reason the card reader on the laptop doesn’t talk through to the Virtual Machine when it’s hooked up to that computer. Could I fix it? Most likely. But it’s one of a hundred things that only pushes the needle on the dial to “annoying” that I just can’t be bothered to fix. And yes, I know this flies in the face of the previous examples of annoying things that I was somehow compelled to correct like the monitor flickering thing. Don’t ask, I haven’t figured out the dichotomy myself yet.

See where I’m going now?

I’ve got pictures in the camera, though not as many as there would be since the concept of home hydroponics is becoming more normal in my life (the whole “you take more pictures of the first kid than the second kid” thing) and the HPS I have seems to seriously screw up any digital photography I attempt and I didn’t put an easy-to-use switch into my wiring project for that so I have to unplug it if I want it off for pictures. Thus we have pictures in the camera but no easy way to get them into the computer. I’ll do it. Eventually. No really, I will.

I’ve actually got a USB card reader thingie around here somewhere. Probably right next to the camera’s USB cable.

And this all ties into a Garden Update thusly: It’s going to be text-only. But to make sure it actually gets done, I’m doing it now. (Just as a separate post since this one is basically one of the more lengthy and wordy excuses in human history at this point.)


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