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I’m not usually this far behind 16 January, 2009

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Okay, I was sure I wasn’t going to do this, but here’s yet another update to say I’m going to bring everyone up to date.

Remember the car buying I mentioned?  Well I finally got that done a week and a half ago.  Then the waterpump on the new car died, literally days before we were going to take our old car to the shop to get some tune-up work done.  The new car overheated and chewed up its head gasket.

So we spent time and (a lot of) money getting that dealt with.

Work hasn’t let up an inch, but will soon.

I gave up on the tomatoes I had growing in 5 gallon buckets of soil.  They were just not at all healthy and showed no signs of successfully bearing fruit.  So I pulled them and I’m restarting everything in a grander scale… sort of.
I got the “salad DWC” out and I’ve got lettuce seeds germinating for it and I’m going to convert the buckets to DWC by plugging the drain holes with silicone and aluminum tape.  I have two varieties of dwarf tomato plants I’ll be growing as a side-by-side comparison.  Those seeds are also germinating.

I got the capacitor for the DIY HID project… it’s about the size of a Red Bull so it doesn’t fit in the remote ballast case I have.  I’ll figure something out and post that up when I actually get it all done and finished.

Oh, and I’ve got plans for a kitty litter vermicomposting project to emulate the one Red Worm Composting is doing.