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Short HID Update 19 December, 2008

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Well I got the replacement fixture last Friday and it worked perfectly. I modified it to a remote ballast configuration and have been running it this week for my tomatoes. It seems to be doing great.

I read that this particular model draws a lot of current because it lacks the typical capacitor of most ballast configurations, so I ordered a capacitor that ought to do the job and bring it up to a nice high efficiency. That arrived today and, thanks to the difficulty of determining size in an online picture, is much larger than I’d anticipated (about the size of a juice can). I’m not entirely sure how well that will work with my current rig, but I’ll figure something out.

Once I do I’ll whip up a complete “How To DIY” based on this fixture, including where I got all my stuff. HPS on a budget.


One Response to “Short HID Update”

  1. Dan Says:

    Looking forward to seeing your How To.

    I have not even turned my light on yet, I have just stuck all the plants in a south facing room. I think I will get it set up after the new year and do a post on my setup. I have noticed that the hydro bill is much cheaper then it was last year with the light on!

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