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Yes, I know, I suck 20 October, 2008

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I haven’t updated in forever, but believe me I haven’t given this up.

Things have just been rapid-fire crazy around here.  My wife and I were informed just before our trip to visit her family that we were being forced to move as rapidly as possible.  That’s from a huge mess that doesn’t belong on the Internet, but effectively we’ve had very little time for anything.

The move starts (well, the actual transporting of stuff) on Friday.  So on both ends of that is all the packing (which I’m currently hip-deep in, literally) and then unpacking.  And, since this whole thing was essentially un-planned, the place we’re moving to has essentially none of the things we were looking for in a place except for the requisite “not living with unstable people”.

So there’ll be no dream garden next year, and no home ownership.  Despite all the lending issues at the moment my wife and I were poised to come out of this whole economic thing very nicely positioned.  We’ll still do better than most, but it’s not looking good for buying a house now.  Lesson learned: very carefully monitor how much control you give to other people and who you give it to.  Even family.

So back to the point, I’ll be back here with my usual regularity before much longer.  I’ve just got to survive this move and re-establish things on the other end.  Once sanity, such that it is, has returned I will catch up here.