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Twitter and the Encyclopedia 21 August, 2008

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Well as much as I try to avoid social networking sites (I’ve just never been into them) I joined Twitter today.  It wasn’t really my idea – I know some guys who talked me into it.  Who knows, maybe it’ll bring me a little more traffic here, eh?

On the upside, Avocado99 actually poked through the Encyclopedia and found some bad links I somehow missed, so I was able to get those fixed.  I should probably double-check all the pages myself just to be sure but I’m still pretty stressed about work and, since my job involves sitting in front of the computer, right now I need to shut everything down and find something else to do for awhile to decompress.

I should probably clean up around here.  Maybe I even will…


3 Responses to “Twitter and the Encyclopedia”

  1. Kim Says:

    E.H. Dude! check this out, like NOW!!!! Insane aquaponics monstrosity!!!!

  2. E.H. Says:

    Yeah, I saw the first version of that they built to sit in front of a regular sliding glass door. I think I’ve got that in my list of things to add to the Encyclopedia that I just never seem to get time for.

    Thanks for pointing it out, I didn’t realize they’d upgraded it. Personally, I’d go with an outdoor system if I were doing aquaponics just because sunlight is still free.

    That, and the wife isn’t keen on fish tanks for some reason.

  3. Kim Says:

    Hmm, the outdoor setup would eliminate a need for lighting, so that might not be a bad idea. I may do something like that as a balcony garden setup, maybe without the fish to start.

    Fish tanks are a p.i.t.a. to keep clean. Maybe that’s her beef. There’s also the pee factor (running water sound = potty).

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