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Best Customer Support Ever 15 August, 2008

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I know, my comments about Foosh Energy Mints, Buzz Bites Energy Chews, and their maker Vroom Foods tends to border at near rabid-fanboi levels. As such my opinions might be seen to be suspect. But I have proof!

I recently posted about how Buzz Bites had played a positive role in my recovery from all the dental work I’ve been having done. I’ve also mentioned in passing that Sarah Person is the unbelievably awesome… well… person that I’ve been dealing with at Vroom Foods. (I’m guessing she’s a customer service representative of some kind, but she doesn’t sign her emails with a lot of title mumbo-jumbo so I don’t know for sure.)

What I didn’t say (because I didn’t know) is that she actually reads my blog! Imagine my surprise and glee when I get the mail today and discover a big padded envelope from Vroom Foods containing one tin each of the chocolate and mint chocolate Buzz Bites, a sticker accurately proclaiming “I Love Buzz Bites”, and the post-it note I scanned and linked at the right.

Seriously, how cool is that? When was the last time you saw any company exhibit that kind of simple kindness and humanity? Heck, simply not being cold and inhuman is a rarity anymore.

Sarah, you made my whole day with that. Thank you.

And I think that ought to put to rest any doubts when I say that Sarah Person and Vroom Foods are nothing short of awesome.

As for the mints and chews, I can only say you’ve got to try them for yourselves. They really are a top-notch product in a sea of energy foods that are all too often sadly lacking in taste, potency, or both. Vroom Foods’ attitude that “nothing is too good for the consumer” really shows in both the quality of their products and the quality of their service.


3 Responses to “Best Customer Support Ever”

  1. Stephaine Says:

    The Chews are crap I can go back to sleep after eating them I am Extreamley Chocked whata waste of money I could have bought a red bull, Than I tried to phone and complain and there phone number isnt working What a Joke I will never recomend there products to anyone

  2. E.H. Says:

    Well I wouldn’t ever recommend a run-on sentence to anyone, either.

    I can sleep after a couple hundred mg of caffeine. If you’re used to caffeine a relatively sane dose isn’t going to blip your radar. There is LESS caffeine in a Red Bull than there is in a Buzz Bite anyway. Red Bull just has an assload of sugar.

    If you’re just looking for an extreme caffeine high, try Redline Power Rush. That’s a 2.5 ounce bottle with 350 mg of caffeine in it. And be an adult and only drink half the bottle like the directions say. Don’t try to be cool and drink the whole thing at once, people have been hospitalized for that.

  3. E.H. Says:

    Just checked and the phone number works fine.

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