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The X-Rated Mystery Plant 14 June, 2008

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Well this will probably be the final edition of the Mystery Plant updates.  I say that not because there’s anything wrong with the plant, but because I doubt there will be much mystery after this.  One of the things I enjoy most about growing things is the way they just start growing at an absolutely astounding rate once they reach a certain size.

As you can see, it’s gotten a lot bigger…

One of the things I like the best about growing indoors is the lack of bugs.  You can see a couple of the leaves have gotten nibbled on, but  overall the plant seems to be so healthy that the bugs just can’t do much damage.  I found one giant green caterpillar on the underside of the upper right leaf, but it paid for that trespass with its life and that seems to have scared the others off.

Here’s a close-up of the new growth.  Each new leaf has more of those little fringe leaves along the stem.  Look at where the stem comes through the cover of the Earth Box… that hole is the size of a Jiffy starter.  It’s starting to stretch that hole bigger.  If this is a radish it’s turning into the biggest radish I’ve ever seen.

I took this picture of the stem only to find out after I uploaded the memory card that it seemed a bit… suggestive.  I never realized the Mystery Plant had such a naughty side.

Anyway, I’m declaring this a turnip, unless someone has a better idea.

This was enough fun I’m going to have to do it again… I wonder where I can find unknown vegetable seeds?


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