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Quick Update 6 June, 2008

Work’s been crazy, the RSI is pretty much gone (for the moment) and things are hopefully settling into what passes for normal around here.


The hydroponic plants are doing well.  I’m gradually upping their dose of nutrients but since my second spinach plant never sprouted the first time I have a new seedling growing in there now and I don’t want to roast him with strong nutrients.  So the big kids are having to make due while the little guy tries to catch up.  Still, even though they’re a bit underfed they’re growing very well.  I just wish they’d drink more water so the reservoir would drop.

I plan to just siphon off a bit of the water to feed to my soil plants as an extra boost if the hydroponics plants don’t drink it fast enough.

The miniature dirt farm is doing well.  I put together my cherry tomato seedling and an upside-down 2L today and hung it from the front porch.  I used an unusual (perhaps original) method of doing that which I’ll document soon, along with a different technique for shaping the bottle recommended by Amber in the comments of my DIY upside down planter article.  I also worked the cloth cover differently and made a net “thing” to hang the pot more securely.

The cat-attack-survivor basil plant is recovering.  It has some minor signs of PTSD, but should make a full recovery.  I hope to move it outside soon, and can only pray that the neighborhood cats aren’t as evil as mine is.


Nothing new to report.  The RSI held me back and my job requires computer use so I’ve been saving all my limited computer time for that.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot of work done in the next few days.


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