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Have You Seen This Plant? 2 June, 2008

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It was either that for the title or “International Plant of Mystery”, and I decided to go the milk carton route. No idea why.

Anyway, I’ve got some new photos of the Mystery Plant – once known as the Mystery Seed or Mystery Seedling. Definitely a fully-accredited plant now. Since I eradicated the only bush in the yard there’s no sense beating around it. Here’s the pictures.

Nice overall shot.

Up close view of the newest and hairiest leaf. (Hair seems to wear off as the leaf matures)

The plant was knocked around a bit accidentally and two leaves were damaged but it doesn’t seem to care.

Note the “lumpy” leafy protrusions under the main leaf body. Newer leaves seem to be making more of these

Nice side view, you can see the seed leaves (cotyledons) are still here.

So… anyone know what I’ve got here? I’m still thinking it’s a Collard but I’m not sure which one (other than “not Georgia” since I have some of those.)


2 Responses to “Have You Seen This Plant?”

  1. oregoncotton Says:

    The content of this message might have already been sent. Sometimes my best of attempts at sending messages does not go smoothly.

    Regarding your mystery plant:

    I did the oregoncotton project, and can safely say it is not not a cotton plant, or probably any other kind of hibiscus.

    Good luck with your gardening


  2. hydroponica Says:

    Thanks! The common opinion I’ve gotten from Garden Web’s forums is that it’s probably either a turnip or a radish.

    I’m hoping turnip. (Don’t like radishes)

    As my Georgia Collard gets bigger it’s looking less and less like this plant. No hair for one thing.

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