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Email Fixed. I Think. 26 May, 2008

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Okay, for those following along at home you may remember that there was a recent shall we say “profound frustration” regarding the issue of an email address specific for this site.

I’d originally gone with Yahoo, only to discover that they charge $20 for the honor of using POP3 to access your email without a browser.  So that was clearly ridiculous and had to go.

Next up I subscribed to Gmail, which would’ve worked beautifully except that my wife had the computer I used logged into her Blogger account.  This meant that no sooner than I’d created the new gmail account it was linked with iron-clad finality to my wife’s Blogger account.  For privacy reasons, she and I maintain unconnected online identities.  In fact, on several forums we frequent no one is aware that we even know each other in real life.  (Also because people tend to discount one person’s opinion if it’s the same as their spouse’s, and that’s not really fair.)

Point being, it wouldn’t be wise to have the two accounts linked in any tangible way.

But since Google simply creates the illusion of customer service through some labyrinthine Help pages packed with everything except the problem you’re having and links that promise some kind of form you can fill out and send to a real person – neither of which (form or person) actually exist and you simply end up back at the beginning of the process… because of all that, it isn’t possible to fix a problem of this nature (or any other, really) with a Google account.

And thus Google was no longer viable since I have my heart set on “encyclopediahydroponica@something dot com”.  The only way to remove that Gmail address from my wife’s Blogger account was to delete the Gmail account.  Which, of course, is permanent, irreversible, and locks out anyone from re-registering that
name for the next 10,000 years or so.

At this point I was livid, to put it mildly.  This was due more than anything else to the “neener, neener, neener, you can’t find suh-poor-ooort” attitude of Google’s help pages, but also the fact that I, a self-proclaimed geek of moderate power, would have trouble with something as trivial as setting up a web email account that I could check with POP3.

Rather than allowing myself to get angry enough to do something counter-productive like proving scientifically that my laptop has precisely the same flight characteristics of any other laptop, I simply walked away from the problem to let myself cool off.

After, of course, doing what any reasonably tech-savvy geek would do: b!tching about it in their blog.

So what should I find in my Yahoo account when I check today?  A nice email from a reader suggesting I check out GMX.  So I do.  I can’t say a whole lot about it because I just signed up today, but it seems to be a perfectly good email service that even comes with POP3 access already enabled.  (No searching through the settings looking for where to click it “on”.)

And that, as they say, is that.  I’ve got a new email address at gmx, with the name I wanted: “encyclopediahydroponica”.  Yes, I realize that it’s really long.  At least I got a really short dot-com name, right?


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