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More Mystery Seed… ling. 25 May, 2008

To relieve the earlier tension, I’ve been trying to avoid my computer.  I was doing pretty well up ’till now, but I just wanted to come in and punch out a quick blog to let the 3 interested people know what’s going on in my garden.

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I planted the bottom part of a red onion.  I read somewhere that you could cut off the root part, plant it, and grow a new onion.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’m about to find out.  As an attempt to multiply my success, I cut the bottom off and then cut the root “nub” in half.  Maybe I’ll get two onions, maybe I’ll get no onions.  We’ll have to wait and see.

The upside-down tomato planter I did is doing pretty well for a plant that was honestly a bit too big to have its roots crammed through the spout of a 2L bottle.  It’s turning and twisting its leaves right side up and not really pouting or wilting at all.  I took a bunch of pictures, so the DIY on that will be forthcoming.

I’m now actually hydroponic-ing.  I put the Jiffy starters with the seedlings I’m happiest with into my pots and filled in the gaps with hydroton.  I’ll get pictures later.  I sprayed the extra Jiffys with water till they were nice and wet and put them along the lid between the cups so they can get some light and grow bigger before they’re transplanted outside.  At the moment I’m just running straight water in the reservoir, since I figure the Jiffy starters have plenty of food in them for the plants for at least a week or two more, and I don’t want to risk burning the little guys.

The Mystery Seed is definitely not a seed anymore.  It’s weird, it looks absolutely identical to the Georgia Collard I have, but about double the size.  Both seedlings have almost identical development and the first true leaves are different only in size.  I tried looking for pictures online, but didn’t have much success.  I’m thinking, though, that my mystery seed is most likely some kind of Collard, perhaps some freakishly large variety.  That’d make it two of my favorite things:  bragging rights huge, and edible.  (The only thing better than food you grew yourself is food you grew yourself that people are astonished by.)

I’m torn between putting it into the DWC and growing it outside.  One of my spinach plants is still hiding inside its Jiffy starter, but I know it popped the root before I put it in there so I’m still optimistic that it will appear.  On the other hand, the Mystery (Collard?) would definitely be fun to grow in hydroponics, if that is what it is.  Of course if it’s half the freak it seems to be in size, it might actually be too big for my current equipment.

I think I’ll give that spinach seed a few more days.  If it doesn’t poke through by then I’ll put the Mystery Seedling in its place, and put the spinach outside to either grow or not.

Gardening is a nice de-stresser.  I think I may be ready to tackle that email issue calmly tomorrow.


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