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I’m not a violent man, really… 24 May, 2008

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… but Google really sucks sometimes.

I decide that I didn’t like the Yahoo email that I have been using for this blog because, well, I don’t want to pay them just so I can use POP to get the mail with a real (aka not web-based) email program. So I decided to switch it to Gmail instead.

Unbeknownst to me the computer I used was still logged into my wife’s Blogger account.

Which meant that the instant I created a Gmail account I also irrevocably linked it to my wife’s Blogger account. For a number of reasons, not the least of which is our privacy, this was profoundly unacceptable. And as I’ve said, once these two accounts had been linked they could not be separated.

Why? Because Google has no customer service. Now let me be clear. When I say they have no customer service I’m not using hyperbole. They literally do not have customer service. What they do have is an incredibly infuriating series of “pick your problem from this list” kind of help pages – which don’t include this problem, and a whole lot of talk about the ability to (if you jump through the right hoops) send a message to their imaginary support staff that they’ll (allegedly) absolutely read but may or may not respond to.

This is a lie. There is no magic form at the end of the rainbow. Every link you click that claims to lead to such a form simply restarts the parade of “pick your problem from the list” help pages. It’s a run-around. They have no email support, no one will read anything because they’ve literally made it impossible to email anything to them. I tried “support@” and every combination I could think of, and everything bounced back undeliverable.

So what did I have to do? Delete my new Gmail account. Well that certainly fixed the problem of there being any connection between my wife’s Blogger account and my blog’s email address. But here’s another fun quirk: Gmail won’t ever make deleted account names available. So is toast – forever deleted and unavailable. No problem, thinks I, I’ll just put a period between the words and use that. No dice, someone’s already registered that. WTF? Who’d do that?

So I decide to reverse it, and create hydroponicaencyclopedia. Well that works, but now for some reason I can’t make WordPress change my email to that. It’s just stuck on Yahoo. Who wants to charge me for the “privilege” of not using my web browser to read my mail.

And of course all this comes after I tracked down and changed every email address on this blog. So now I’ve got everything pointing to a deleted Gmail address and I’m so infuriated that my laptop is looking entirely too easy to throw. And I’m not the kind of guy that throws things when he’s angry.

So there you have it. I don’t know what email address I’m going to have, and at the moment I’m trying very hard not to care because I can’t really afford another new laptop. In the meantime just use the Yahoo address, I guess. I’ll get it straightened out sooner or later, and probably at a completely different webmail site. I don’t even want to see a hyperlink labeled “Help” right now.

It’s time to close the lid, walk away from the laptop, and crack open a nice cold beer. Too bad the Klaster isn’t cold. Ah well, Warsteiner it is. (Which, just for the record, is still my favorite beer. I’m just in kind of a Klaster mood.)

This, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with being the biggest kid on the block.

You start to get the attitude that being nice to your customers is unimportant.


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