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Again, Gardening Instead of Encyclopedia-ing 22 May, 2008

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Let’s see, things that have happened that I didn’t do…

Turns out the plant that sprouted I was hoping was a cherry tomato plant isn’t. I’m 99% sure it’s a green pepper. But after thinking about it I decided I’ll go ahead and put it in an upside-down planter. I want to try an idea I had on how to get it in there but it’ll have to wait awhile. For the immediate future I got a Roma tomato plant to thread into an upside-down planter the classic way. Growing gigantic tomatoes can be fun, but I really like the small ones best for flavor and salads.

The Mystery Seed

It’s funny, I’ve got it right next to a seedling collard green that sprouted around the same time, and the two are virtually identical – except the mystery seedling is at least double the size. I don’t mean it’s grown to double the size – it started out that much bigger. Plus, it came from a seed that looks nothing like a collard green seed. Still no true leaves, so I’m just guessing in the dark at this point.

Things I did do:

Found an old Earth Box – the “real” version – at a garage sale for a couple bucks. Then I grossly underestimated the amount of potting soil I’d need to fill it. Bought more potting soil when I got the Roma tomato plant, but haven’t finished it yet. Not completely sure what I’m going to plant in it. I don’t have any covers for it, so I’m planning to just use a trash bag.

I also set up the hydroponic system I’ve been waiting on. I’m letting it bubble away for now since my sprouts aren’t quite ready to step up to the big leagues. This way the system can work out the chlorine in the tap water and I can start to get an idea of how the pH behaves and so forth. I’ll try to get some pictures up, but unfortunately they won’t be step-by-step. I just got too impatient and couldn’t stop working on it to take pictures. Got a lot of good stuff there: tons of DIY ideas assembled into one uniform machine that (while not yet proven) looks to be pretty nice.

But I’m tired now and my basement’s a mess.

So no new Encyclopedia stuff.


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