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More Development and “The Mystery Seed” 18 May, 2008

Okay, I know the main reason you’re reading is probably to figure out what this whole “mystery seed” thing is. So, like any decent writer, I’m not going to tell you until later. Ha.

I got some more work done on the encyclopedia today, nothing spectacular, but the forum and video section isn’t empty anymore and I put some more stuff in blogs and hardware retailers. Things are actually starting to shape up, but from the looks of it, it’ll still be a few more weeks before I’m really satisfied with the results. The advantage of doing it all myself is that I know exactly how everything was done and what hasn’t been done, but the drawback there is finding the time to do it all. Having other people do some of the work fixes that problem, but then you run into all the typical problems of having several people working on one project with several different ideas of how it should be done.

It’s so hard to find good minions these days.

Yesterday I took a break from my various “work” tasks (professional, home, etc) to do a little gardening. I was a bit too optimistic in my last batch of seed germination and I have quite a few plant types that simply haven’t sprouted at all – not one seed came up. Maybe they’re just late (I still hold out hope), but I decided to hedge my bets and set out a bunch of extra seeds in moist paper towels to fill in the gaps. I figure I’ll just plant the extra sprouts outdoors and hope I don’t forget to water them, or perhaps I’ll simply use them as sprouts on a salad. “Underachievers will be eaten,” as the wife said when I ran the idea past her.

It was during this that I came across an interesting little accident. I think it was in a pouch of lettuce seed, but honestly I don’t remember for certain. Regardless, it was one of the elongated seed types I’m sure, because it stuck out pretty obviously – a small, spherical, reddish-brown seed a little smaller than a ball-type straight pin head.

I looked at it for awhile, almost put it back in the envelope, and then decided that what the heck – I’m starting a lot more seeds than I really need, what’s one more? Especially something as deliciously intriguing as a mystery seed. What could it be?

Well today I checked my seeds and I’ve got tiny little tap roots sticking out of some of them, but it’s still a bit early and I’m still not seeing much hope from the stuff that’s failed to perform so far. But wouldn’t you know, that little mystery seed had the biggest tap root of them all. So it’s now sitting in a nice little starter under my enormous CFL.  (Imagine the size difference between the bulb in your fridge and a regular bulb.  Now imagine a normal 100w equivalent CFL is the small one…)

I can hardly wait to find out what it is.


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