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New Computer, Vista, and Blogs 14 May, 2008

Well I got a new computer today. Nothing especially spectacular, but its better than my old one and it should allow me to get more done with slightly less hammering of the mouse and hooting like a monkey when the computer sits and stares at me while it thinks about what I want it to do.

Except for one minor detail: Vista.

Okay, I’ll grant you that it looks cool. Very cool, in fact. My first PC, a machine I personally assembled from individual components with my own two hands (and a significant amount of geek supervision, as my own geeknitude was only budding at that time), would weep bitterly if it knew that I would one day own a machine that looked this cool both inside and out, hardware and software. (Of course with it’s 166mHz processor and whopping 16mb of ram, it would take that computer quite awhile to load the “weeping bitterly” application, so it’s emotional reaction would be delayed to the point that it would appear to happen for no reason.)

But all the “looking cool” in the world doesn’t make up for not getting the job done. Of course it’s not that bad or anything, but there is definitely a certain learning curve to the transition. I was reading instructions on how to tame Vista into running decently fast (let’s be honest, for most stuff XP is still the faster OS. This computer just came with Vista installed and I’m not annoyed enough – yet – to gut it and install XP.) Anyway, I was reading these instructions and it said to go to regedit to make a certain change. No problem, I just have to hit Start, goto Run… um… hang on a tick. Where the eff is Run? So I have to pop onto Google to find out where the heck the Run command is. Turns out it’s right there at the bottom of the start menu – if you just type in the name of a program like regedit or msconfig or something into the Search box there it runs that program.

Which is really pretty handy. If you know it’s there.

Which, obviously, is my whole point. There’s a learning curve. But all-in-all I’m not unhappy with Vista so far. I’m still going to cram Linux onto this bad boy, though. Just too convenient not to. That way if (when) Windows decides to crap out on me I can still boot the machine and salvage my data. And, more importantly, I can out-geek certain friends of mine who can’t/won’t run Linux.

But to the Encyclopedia: I got some decent work done today. I filled out a number of blogs for the obvious section (Hydroponics Blogs) and the couple that also belonged elsewhere got added there too. As I’m typing this I realized that two sections, Hydroponics Retailers (Hardware) and (Software) aren’t linked anywhere. Not a big deal really, since only one of them has a link on the page, but I’ll have to fix that soon.

Speaking of annoying things, I actually had to leave the Advanced Nutrients Blog entry un-linked. Why? Because in my brilliance I didn’t bookmark it. I saw that blog and just figured, “Oh, that’s AN’s blog. It’ll be easy to find later because, well, they’re practically the biggest name in hydroponics nutrients, right?” Now to be fair I didn’t really look all that hard, but searching for “Advanced Nutrients Blog” doesn’t just bring it right up on the screen, either. Oh well, I’ll find it soon enough. I just feel like an idiot for not bookmarking it.


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