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I’ve got legs! 12 May, 2008

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Another day, another post.

It’s almost as though I’m an actual blog or something, eh? Yeah, don’t get your hopes up.

I’ve built the outline or, as I like to think of it, my skeleton. Haven’t really fleshed anything out yet, but my big pile of bookmarks are completely unorganized, so I’m planning to start sorting them before I really tackle any kind of data entry here. Plus, the more work I do here the more I start to worry that what I’ve found so far just won’t fill things up. I have this irrational fear that I’m going to do all this work and end up with some scrawny-looking nothing of an encyclopedia. And then I’ll discover I forgot to put on pants and everyone is staring at me.

Okay, maybe the last part is just made up.

Rationally though, I know that I’ve got piles and piles of stuff to add. It’s just a matter of finding the determination (and time) to decide whether this article is more Hardware than Theory, or whether I should just stick it in both categories. And I really want to avoid as much as possible putting the same link in more than one place, since that just seems like a really cheap way to make the content look more impressive than it actually is. “Oh, there’s 405 categories with 100 links apiece!”… but 97 links are identical.

Now of course I’m not doing anything like that, and a few links that get categorized a few places aren’t a big deal, but I’m still going to be anal about it simply because that’s who I am. I’m an Encyclopedia, right? I’m supposed to be precisely categorized and organized. So if some hydroponics supply site gets linked and they sell hardware and nutrients, it’s not the end of the world if I put them in both places. But if they sell 7 different nutrient products in total, and 372 hardware items, they go in hardware. Maybe with a little note on them “also sells a couple nutrients” or something.

And that’s why I’m not simply whacking the cut/paste from the bookmarks. So far I just haven’t even tried to organize any of them and I don’t have the sites memorized, so I’m going to have to actually look through it all again to see what’s what. Hopefully I’ll find a lot of the same things I forgot to bookmark before while I’m at it.

Oh, and as always feel free to send in links to anything you think should be here. Address is now at the bottom of the front page.


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