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Well, it’s a Beginning. 11 May, 2008

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If you’re reading this you’re either very curious, a little strange, or profoundly bored.

Hi, I’m the Encyclopedia Hydroponica, the blog that isn’t a blog. Except this is the blog. Confused?

This is how it works: This WordPress site is (or will be when it’s more done) mostly just pages. Organized pages containing links to anything and everything you’d ever like to know about hydroponics. This – the actual blog part – isn’t supposed to be interesting. I may not even put anything more here, we’ll have to see.

And yes, I realize I’m writing this as though I were somehow the website speaking rather than the author. That’s because at the moment I have no plans to actually create any significant content for the site. (And yes, I realize that that means it’s not a real Encyclopedia, thanks. It just sounds a heck of a lot better than “Index Hydroponica”.) As much as the person pushing the keys on the keyboard is a real person, he’s not what’s important here and so I won’t speak from his “voice”.

This site is about the information and making it more accessible to the people who want to find it.

So far I’ve got the About page and a “Pre-Emptive FAQ” done. There’s still no actual information on the site, but I’ve got bookmarks out the wazoo, so they’re coming.

If, by some freak occurance, you manage to find this site before there’s anything here, feel free to drop me a line with whatever suggestions you might have. I can’t guarantee to answer every email (not because I actually expect to be buried under a pile of them, I’m just not very good at responding to email), but I will guarantee I’ll read every one sent with the same degree of seriousness with which it is sent.

It’s a email address under my name, “encyclopediahydroponica”.

Yeah, I know. I was going to go with something longer but that’d be silly, right? 11 syllables and 23 letters ought to be enough.


One Response to “Well, it’s a Beginning.”

  1. avocado99 Says:

    Hey Hydroponica,

    Why so confused? You’re in the niche of the future. Pretty soon all urban gardens will be hydroponic and our food supply will be grown in our basements, not in California. Hydroponics rocks!

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